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Learn Chinese the fun way with online interactive classes, engaging curriculum, and native-speaking teachers. Our programme provides a conducive environment for your child to learn Chinese language skills naturally.
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Proprietary platform with cutting-edge technology
1-on-1 online classes
Real-time guidance and feedback provided
Student-centred learning experience
Comprehensive evaluation system with visual progress tracking
Interactive and animated courseware

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With practical and culturally-relevant interactive teaching materials, we can bring classes alive. With visual teaching, children understand concepts quickly and stay engaged while having fun.
Elementary Chinese
Advanced Chinese
Character Recognition

Elementary Chinese

Laying the groundwork for excellent Chinese language skills has never been so fun
1-on-1 | 25 minutes | 4-6 years old
Course Details
Our Elementary Chinese course helps young learners build proficiency in Chinese in a fun and interactive way using interactive courseware, original animated videos, and nursery rhymes. Starting with the basics, such as Chinese characters, vocabulary words, and common expressions, every bit is as practical as it is fun.
Students will build a solid foundation in Chinese through learning the basics, including characters, high-frequency vocabulary words, and commonly-used expressions, with an emphasis on enhancing both oral and written Chinese communication skills.
Suitable for
Overseas Chinese children ages 4-6 who have a foundation in speaking Chinese.
Children who want to learn Chinese characters from the basics and wish to improve their Chinese listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.
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Professional Chinese Teachers, Guaranteed Teaching Standards

Our team is made up of qualified teachers with 2,500 hours of teaching experience on average. All our teachers go through 7 rounds of rigorous assessment and are thoroughly trained to provide a student-centred learning experience in their classes. With our experienced and passionate teachers always ready to help, your child is in safe hands with us.
Wu Yawen
5 years of teaching experience
“I enjoy teaching and learning with my student, and enjoy all the surprises they have brought me. I believe I can empower my students to excel.”
Zhao Yaxin
4 years of teaching experience
“I want to be my students’ best friend and discover infinite possibilites together.”
Li Shuhui
4 years of teaching experience
“I believe in the phrase, 'Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime'. I aspire to teach my students skills that will be useful for life."
Zhao Lerong
4 years of teaching experience
"As a teacher, I find great joy in journeying into the unknown with children, as if we are the best of friends. Let us set out on this delightful adventure together, where we can create, learn, and uncover new knowledge!"
Wang Tianrui
4 years of teaching experience
“I am passionate about teaching. I love children, and I am willing to share the world with them.”
Zhao Mengmeng
3 years of teaching experience
“I like to communicate with children, and I hope that children can learn in a positive environment.”

Experienced Teaching and Research Team
Research-based Curriculum Design

Our professional curriculum team is committed to innovating and developing Chinese courses that meet students' learning needs.


Hear from families who have transformed their kids' math learning with Spark Math
Spark Math Program
Level 1
“After studying math online with Spark Math, my child has developed a keen interest in math and often asks me to compete with her in doing problems on weekends. She also shares her learning experiences with me and her dad regularly. She has learned a lot from the Spark Math curriculum and is now enjoying helping her friends in math.”
Spark Math Program
Level 5
“I think the curriculum design of Spark Math is excellent. My daughter’s math skills improved a lot after having Spark Math lessons for a while. I can see she’s made great progress from the results of the progress reports we receive. Spark Math's curriculum and animations are carefully designed, and all the teachers have passed through a tough selection process...”
Competition Math 3
“After a year using the Spark Math Competition Program, my child’s math ability has improved from "meeting expectations" to "exceeding expectations" in her class, and she is obviously more confident than before and is willing to explain problem to her buddies. She is really enjoying math now.”
Spark Math Program
Level 2
“Looking for fun and interactive math classes for your kids? They offered a one-time demo class for level 1 math. Math was never a thing for Enrique but today, not only did he enjoy himself throughout the 45 minutes class, Enrique shared that the teacher was patient; explaining every single steps in detail to the class.”

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