Getting Started


VISPARK is a global online education service dedicated to improving learning experience and outcomes for children aged 3-15. VISPARK is part of Spark Education Group, which includes programs that have attracted over 500,000 students worldwide in over 100 countries.

2. Why Spark Math?
  • Our technology: Our learning platform is designed to enable personalized learning, including interactive features that allow teachers to address the needs of each student and offer differentiated materials and support.
  • Our curriculum: Spark Math is based on Singapore Math, which emphasizes a structured approach to learning math concepts, moving across each of the following steps:
    • Concrete: modeling or showing concepts using manipulatives
    • Pictorial: expressing concepts using visual representations
    • Abstract: solving problems using numbers and math symbols

Spark Math aligns the concepts of Singapore Math with Common Core State Standards, and incorporates gamified and interactive elements, materials, and colorful visuals to help students master math.

  • Our teachers: Spark Math teachers have 5+ years of math teaching experience in local K-12 schools. Some of them are homeroom teachers in elementary schools, some are math teachers in secondary schools, and some are math coaches for teachers. Our teachers work together to deliver fun and interactive lessons to each student.
3. How do teachers interact with students?

In a live session, teachers and students build up strong relationships as they discuss in a group, asking and answering questions back and forth throughout the lesson. While the students are working on individual practices, the teacher can chat with individual students one-on-one or in a smaller group to provide extra guidance and help. Students will also receive personalized feedback from teachers on their assignments and video presentations after class.

4. Is Spark Math right for my child?

Spark Math is designed for students aged 4-12, and families who believe in the importance of building strong foundational math skills for children. The program has been proven to improve mathematical fluency, increase interest in learning math, and self-confidence.

5. How can I know more about the Spark Math programs?
  • Book a free trial class [here]
  • Chat with our Consultants in a free consultation session [here]
  • Register and enroll today [here]
6. What is a Spark Math Learning Toolkit?

Spark Math Learning Toolkit is a complementary learning resource package for our Spark Math students. The monthly toolkit includes math workbooks and materials that complement our Spark Math program content.

  • The learning toolkit will be mailed directly from our warehouse closest to your delivery address. Please track the delivery information and confirm the delivery on the VISPARK app once the learning toolkit is received.

Payment and technology

1. How do I purchase Spark Math programs for my child?
2. What payment methods do you accept?
  • We accept major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.
3. What is the termination policy?
  • Subscribers can apply to cancel any Course Package Subscription at any time via their personal account management page on the VISPARK Platform.
  • Detailed termination policy via this link, [here]
4. What are the technology requirements for online classes?
  • High-speed internet
  • Tablet or Computer
  • For more details, please contact your Consultants to find out if your network and device meet the requirements.