Empowered by Technologies, Happy and Efficient Learning

Self-developed platform with edge-cutting advantages

1 on 1 online classes with real-time guidance and feedback

Exquisite animations to spark an interest in learning

AI interactive courseware to reinforce concepts and build proficiency

Comprehensive evaluation system with visual progress tracking

Structured learning experience to track every incremental improvement


Learn with fun, speak like a native

1 on 1
Ages 4-6
25 minutes
Suitable for
Students who understand simple Chinese
Students who are weak at speaking or reading Character Recognition
Students who want to improve expression skills and learn Character Recognition systematically
Our engaging animations and interactive courseware offer interesting contexts to understand the meaning, strokes, stroke order, and components of Character Recognition. Our students are inspired to appreciate the beauty of Character Recognition.

Professional Chinese Teachers
Guaranteed Teaching Standards

Our teachers are 100% professionally-certified with an average of 2500+h of teaching experience. Through 7 rounds of rigorous assessment,
our teachers are also meticulously trained to create student-centred learning experiences.

Wu Yawen
5 years of teaching experience
"I enjoy teaching and learning with my students, and enjoy all the surprises they have brought me. I believe I can empower my students. "
Zhao Yaxin
4 years of teaching experience
"Be my students' best friend and discover infinite possibilities together."
Li Shuhui
4 years of teaching experience
"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."
Zhang Nan
3 years of teaching experience
"To educate with heart, to teach with love. This is what I hold true to my heart, hoping that every student will learn and feel love at the same time."
Wang Tianrui
4 years of teaching experience
"I am passionate about teaching, love children, and am willing to share the world with them."
Zhao Mengmeng
3 years of teaching experience
"I really like to communicate with children, and I hope that children can learn knowledge in a happy atmosphere."
Experienced Teaching and Research Team
Well-Versed in Curriculum Design
Our professional curriculum team is committed to innovating and developing premium Chinese courses
Wu Qian
"Seeing the children progress in a relaxed and enjoyable learning atmosphere, I think, this is what makes me feel proud of this job."
  • Master of Chinese International Education, Fudan University
  • Over 5 years of experience teaching Chinese overseas
  • Participated in the development of 5 online Chinese courses for the international market

Set Your Child on a Path to Success at Spark Chinese

Fall in love with Chinese learning and be able to

Communicate in Chinese fluently

Read Chinese classics

Write common Character Recognition and phrases

Learn about Chinese culture and traditions

Embrace a future with infinite possibilities

Ace international Chinese exams with ease

Master a competitive second language

Broaden their educational pathway to their ambitions

Gain a global perspective with an integration of Chinese and Western cultures

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