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What Is Spark Math?

It is a training program aims to hone students' thinking in both depth and breadth, as well as speed and precision.
Our students gain insights in applying mathematical knowledge and a leading edge in international mathematics competitions.
Excellent Grades
Improve your math scores and get a head start
Active Thinking
Improve problem-solving skills and develop critical thinking skills
Robust Motivation
Interesting learning experiences to stimulate interest for learning

Our Math Program, Tailor-Made for You

Advanced Program
Competition Program
Learn statistics and algebra, master calculation within 20 and solve basic application problems. Learn concepts of symmetry and rotation, develop symmetry counting strategies in geometry. Derive logical reasoning strategies based on the characteristics of figures. Build confidence, self-expression, and enable effective learning and development.
Ages 5-6
Small class
40 mins
Children will take courses covering school math and various contests. Great help will be offered to help children be top students. Children will learn how to add and subtract figures up to 100, solve common word problems regarding addition and subtraction. Through our courses, they will learn about money, be able to tell time, and make a calculation in time and money in daily life, measure centimeters, and compare the length of objects and put them in order.
Ages 6-7
Small class
40 mins
Children will take courses covering school math and various contests. We will prepare them for GEP (Gifted Education Programme), other elite classes and top private schools in advance. They will learn numbers up to 1,000, as well as their multiplication and division. They will learn about plane figures and solid figures, and further learn about geometrics. Through these courses, children can draw statistical graphs with provided charts, and solve problems with the drawn statistical graphs.
Ages 7-8
Small class
40 mins
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What Is Spark Chinese?

It increases students' Chinese vocabulary and foster their ability to think from diverse points of view.
It also broadens students' cultural horizons and improve their Chinese proficiency.
Tailored Learning Program
Our program is available in multiple levels, suited for flexible and targeted teaching to accelerate learner's listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.
Animated Interactive Courseware
Our engaging animations and gamified interactions allow learners to learn through play and play to practice Chinese in a variety of settings and scenarios.
Comprehensive Evaluation System
Our progress reports are powered by big data analysis to evaluate and track learners' progress in every practice and assessment.

Tailored Chinese Courses for Every Learner

Elementary Program
A program for early learners to pique their interests in Chinese language at a tender age.By studying the words and sentences,fixed expressions and picture books in this course,children learn Character Recognition happily.They will also improve their communication skills and lay the foundations of Chinese listening,speaking,reading and writing.
Ages 4-6
25 mins
Advanced Program
A program for learners with basic Chinese conversational skills to develop reading and writing in Chinese and to gain an insight into Chinese culture. This course is based on the Chinese textbooks written by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China,and the Common Core State Standards. It integrates multidisciplinary topic discussions and develops independent Chinese leaming habits. Students of this course will advance by learning words and sentences,fixed expressions for multiple topics,having access to diversified reading materials,and exploring culture in sync with mainland Chinese children.
Ages 6-15
55 mins
Character Recognition - Intensive Program
A program for learners who want to learn Character Recognition and words to lay a good foundation for higher level learning.Through a scientific and fun approach,we help children to become highly effective and focused on literacy in short periods of time,to accumulate rich vocabulary,practice expression in multiple real-like scenarios,and improve their oral expression.
Ages 4-12
25 mins
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Parents' Reviews
VISPARK is carefully designed, and my daughter loves it.
Jiujiu / Advanced Program-P4
I think the curriculum design of VISPARK is excellent. My daughter's math skills improved a lot after having VISPARK lessons for a while. I can see she's made great progress from the results of the formative assessments. VISPARK's curriculum and animations are carefully designed, and all the teachers have passed through tough selection criteria to ensure that they can help students stay active in class.
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