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Equip your child with critical skills to solve complex math questions. Our competition programme covers essential concepts and advanced problem-solving techniques that prepare your child to score in math competitions with speed and accuracy.
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Level 1

For first-grade students | Ages 6-7 years old

Class Content

Learning math online, Solving math challenges, Test-taking skills, 10 Critical-thinking skills,


Our programme covers a wide range of advanced math concepts, critical-thinking skills, and heuristics in an engaging and challenging way. Students will receive in-depth, personalised guidance from our expert live teachers and gain exposure to complex competition problems through practice. Students will be equipped with the skills and confidence to ace Math Olympiads and other competitions.


Calculations, Geometry, Word Problems, Logical Reasoning,

Study Toolkit

Our monthly math toolkit includes workbooks, homework, daily calculation, and extra practice exercises. You will also receive personalised monthly learning assessments and reports.

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Why Choose Spark Math Competition Programme?


Comprehensive weekly lessons that cover key math concepts and heuristics


Personalised learning reports to follow your child's learning progress and identify their strengths and areas of improvement


Smart rewards system that helps to motivate your child throughout the learning journey


Valuable exposure to questions and practices that help your child excel in academic programmes and math competitions

With a variety of gamified and interactive teaching materials online, the possibilities with Spark Math are endless

Learn more and gain a deeper understanding of math in a stress-free and engaging environment. Our classes feature live online instruction and research-backed learning methods to help students go further and beyond.

Teaching Methodologies

CPA Approach
UDSC Teaching Method
Transfer of Learning Teaching Method
CPA Approach

We have modernised the classic Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (CPA) approach by leveraging our proprietary technology to bring math to life for students. We start with relatable examples and gradually move on to abstract ideas, utilising various visual, interactive, and gamified features to help students understand abstract concepts and internalise the problem-solving process.

Explore a math concept by interacting with our animated courseware and gamified content.
Create visual representations of the math concept by drawing diagrams and models.
Link the visual representations with math symbols and equations to solve math problems.
Our innovative approach fosters high-order thinking and problem-solving skills by encouraging students to apply math concepts to different everyday scenarios. This engaging and meaningful learning experience inspires students to feel confident and excited about math.
UDSC Teaching Method

In our classes, our teachers will guide students using this research-backed method. Students will be able to accurately understand the topic, analyse the core of the problem and quickly find solutions to solve the test questions effectively.

Understand the Problem
Understand the topic and analyse the implied information. Ensure that students thoroughly understands the meaning of the questions
Decide on an Approach
Analyse problems and understand the core of the problem. Develop students' mastery of problem solving
Solve the Problem
Focus on arithmetic and reinforce the knowledge of solution steps. Ensure that students avoid losing points on the details of their answers
Check the Solution
Incorporate solutions to the problem and ensure the accuracy of results. Develop checking habits to reduce errors and careless mistakes
Transfer of Learning Teaching Method

We aim to help students develop essential problem-solving skills and teach them to apply their newly learnt skills in new situations. Through this integral learning process, our students will be empowered to become self-directed learners who are confident in mastering math.

An example of how the Constant Total concept can be applied to various situations
The total number of birds remains unchanged after birds fly from one tree to another
The total amount of money remains unchanged after money is shared between two people
The total number of people remains unchanged after friends walk around between two groups, and
The total volume of water remains unchanged after water flows in and out between two pails
Breaking down the solution into steps

Step 01

Find the invariance

Step 02

Analyse the relationship between the sum and units

Step 03

Draw a model

Step 04

Infer the value of each unit


Hear from families who have transformed their children's math learning with Spark Math
Ruo Qi
Parent of Enrique
“Mathematics was never a thing for Enrique but today, not only did he enjoyed himself throughout the 40 minutes class, Enrique shared that the teacher displayed fine patience; explaining every single steps in detail to the class.”
Parent of Jayrius
“Jayrius had so much fun attending his first online math class with Spark Math from VISPARK! The live teaching by the experienced teacher was engaging and there are interactive games and animation for them to solve their math questions! There is also a smart rewards system to motivate the student throughout the learning journey.”
Parent of Ardell
“Ardell’s going to primary school next year and being a kiasu mother, I want her to be ahead! We attended the Spark Math class with VISPARK and she truly enjoyed it. I love how learning math can be so fun! The teacher is really kind and helpful. With just a few students in the class, she was able to attend and guide any kid in need effectively.”
Parent of Calysta
“Calysta enjoyed her math class because her teacher made the class interactive with interesting math questions. Spark Math helped Calysta build a love of learning math and made mathematics concepts easy by using modern technology with games, providing visuals, getting up and moving, adding cheers, making it relatable and giving star rewards to a happy Calysta.”

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