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VISPARK competitors award-winning rate
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VISPARK competitors award-winning rate
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Challenge Yourself and Present Excellent Performance in Math Contests

Livestreaming super-small class.
Children will learn content for senior students and contest problems in advance. Great help will be provided for them to excel in tryouts for gifted and talented programs and top private schools, and to achieve great grades in math contests like AMC
Through our courses, children can easily solve difficult problems from school tests. They will learn calculation and problem-solving skills. All contest problems will be covered.

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With interesting interactive teaching materials, we can bring classes alive
With visual teaching, children will have a good understanding and be more active.

Learning Experience

Small-sized class with more attention focused on learners
One live online class + one AI class per week, massive question banks, covering exam key points
Personalized learning reports, follow children's learning progress closely and timely, identify problems early, and improve performance quickly
Smart rewards system to motivate the student throughout the learning journey
Effective Live Online Learning by experienced teachers with real-time feedback and personalized teaching
Maximize the effectiveness of classes using specially designed materials

UDSC Teaching Method

Teachers guide children to accurately understand the topic, accurately grasp and analyze the core of the problem, quickly find ways to solve the problem, easily breakthrough the test questions, and finally form a complete closed-loop of problem-solving.
understand the problem icon
Understand the Problem
Understand the topic and analyze the implied information
Ensure that your child thoroughly understands the meaning of the questions
decide on an approach icon
Decide on an Approach
Analyze problems and understand the core of the problem
Develop children's mastery of similar issues
solve the problem icon
Solve the Problem
Focus on arithmetic and reinforce the knowledge of standardized solution steps
Ensure that children avoid losing marks on the details of their answers
check the solution icon
Check the Solution
Incorporate solutions to the problem and ensure accuracy of results
Develop checking habits to reduce errors and careless mistakes

Transfer of Learning Teaching Method

In the age of knowledge explosion, there are huge amounts of knowledge. We hope to help students develop general problem-solving skills tackling bigger categorical problems. To enable them to apply transfer learning in different problem situations. To empower them to be a master in solving mathematical problems gradually.
Knowledge point: sum remains the same
competition mathematic knowledge point image
Birds fly around between two trees, and the total number of birds remains unchanged
competition mathematic knowledge point image
Money is traded between two people, and the total amount of money remains unchanged
competition mathematic knowledge point image
People walk around between two groups, and the total number of people remains unchanged
competition mathematic knowledge point image
Water flows in and out between two pools, and the total amount of water remains unchanged
General problem-solving method of unchanged sum
Step 01
Find the invariance
Step 02
Analyse the relationship between sum and units
Step 03
Draw the model
Step 04
Infer the value of each unit
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